Welcome to Wigvana with Your Hosts, Ava & Giovanni.

Our Wigvana Vision

Each one of our clients is unique and should be treated accordingly. It's not quantity for us, it's quality. It's about building relationships and sustaning them through trust earned. We invest in our clients and want to understand your personal vision, help you reach your goals, and ultimately assure you that we have your best interest at heart. We strive to understand your needs, we want to provide you a selection of great products and expert advice to achieve your goal, to be the best version of yourself.


/wig'va:.na/ noun

(i.) a long held belief that Wigvana, a mystical place where everyone has perfect hair was just a myth.

(ii.) to achieve a state of being the best version of yourself.

Enjoy a video tour of The Wig Wam with Ava and our fur babies!